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Petition 2011



We demand decent work, social and financial conditions for the language teachers working in the European Institutions.

The Collective has recently carried out a survey among language teachers that clearly demonstrate the unacceptable working conditions, which are imposed to them.

The main contractor of the Commission, a communication agency, pays very low hourly wages. Once they have paid their social security and taxes, teachers will scarcely be earning € 12 an hour.

Moreover, the teachers are working with very low or no support from their employer, not even a desk where to prepare their classes or correct the exams, not even dictionaries, very scarce didactic material. This results in a very low level of satisfaction, along with poor respect and sometimes unjustified sanctions from their employer, which make things even worse.

This is completely unacceptable and does not allow our teachers to have decent working and employment conditions, nor to earn a decent living. The "always the cheapest" logic, promoted through some of our procurement procedures, is getting out of control.

For their part, the European Institutions demand a lot from their teachers as far as qualifications and experience are concerned. What is more, teachers are subject to continuous assessment, and rightly so: quality is also requested by our colleagues who take part in their classes.

Guaranteeing quality courses is not a luxury. It is a must given that the Staff Regulation obliges our colleagues to demonstrate a full knowledge of a third language before they get their first promotion. The quality of work of thousands of officials is therefore linked to their language skills and their internal promotion depends on the acquisition of these skills.

We are calling upon the European Institutions, and especially the Commission, to support our language teachers by asking their contractors to pay the language teachers a decent salary, taking into account the living costs in Brussels (€ 35 / hour), and making them respect the social legislation voted by the EU itself, as well as the rules governing our public procurements.

I support the action to improve the employment and working conditions of our language teachers.


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Date modified : 24/10/2017